Bunk Bed Donation to a Very Deserving Boy 💛

Bunk Bed with Slide Room Remodel

We are proud to donate our Kinsley Bunk Bed with Slide to a very deserving boy for the Fox Group's Room Giveaway reveal!  See a video of the adorable room remodel on Instagram. Here is the story of the Fox Group's annual remodel.
Words can’t describe how this years room giveaway recipient, sweet little 11 year old Jackson has changed our hearts. He is truly our little hero. 💔

Jackson loves Pokémon, art and soccer. He has THE most incredible and kind family. Along with chemo he endured a 12 hr surgery that took his right fibula (leg bone) and put it where his right humerus and cancer was (arm).💔 This special young man has a great purpose here on earth. We feel so very blessed to know him and are grateful for the @hayestough cancer foundation that brought us to him. We are SO grateful for our amazing sponsors this year! 💛 .

Together we did new shiplap, crown and base, new fluffy plush carpet, mattresses and bedding, reframed all of his special art, and gave him all new furnishings and lighting. We are so grateful for our amazing crew that spent months preparing for the makeover and 2 full sunrise to sunset days working tirelessly. Jackson’s mother sent us this sweet note after the reveal that made our hearts smile.❤️

“We have all struggled emotionally post treatment. And then you and all of those amazing people came in and redid that bedroom. And it has lifted the spirit in our home. Jackson went and played outside yesterday. It was the first time he has gone to play outside since treatment has been over... like he left and rode his bike to go to a park with his sister. He spent most of the morning yesterday playing in his room. And it was like it was the boost he needed to get out of the house.”
“Each time I walk past that room I am filled with love and gratitude. And it's just what my soul so desperately needed. We are all so happy with the change and it's just what we needed to symbolize a fresh start. I have been sitting here in this room, just staring at it for the past hour. My boys are sound asleep in a comfy bed in the room of their dreams. Thank you just doesn't seem like enough. I love that you all made this possible for us” -Jackson’s mom @wolfpack8888

Feeling so humbled and grateful for this experience and to all of you who follow along. We love each and every one of you.❤

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