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      When we talk about kids' bedroom furniture, bunk beds with slides are a popular choice of most kids, along with parents too. They will bring fun into your little one’s room and fit neatly in a bedroom where two or more children share the room. A bunk bed is designed so that one bed structure is stacked on top of another and the two or more beds fit securely together. Bunk beds with slides come in different styles and designs to fit unique room layouts and meet different functional requirements. Some bunk beds with slides come with storage drawers, trundle beds, desks, and shelves or cabinets to store books and toys.

      In this article, we are going to discuss the types of bunk beds with slides.

      1.  Standard Stacked Twin over Twin Bunk Bed with Slide

      Do you want to make your kid’s bedroom look exciting and fun-filled? Our twin over twin bunk beds with slide are a great choice to add fun and sleep two children in one room.  They come in the standard stacked twin over twin bunk bed design with a slide and ladder. 

      The ‚ÄúOlivia Bunk Bed with Slide‚ÄĚ is a perfect choice for your kid's bedroom. This white, wooden bunk bed is perfect for sleeping and sharing the room as it is a twin over-twin-sized bed.¬†¬†If you need to sleep three children in the room, we have a matching white trundle bed that fits under the Olivia bunk bed. The slide makes your kid‚Äôs morning exciting when they wake up and get out of bed, while the railing on the top protects your child throughout the night.¬†¬†We also have a matching white guard rail to add to the bottom bunk bed, perfect for toddlers sleeping in the bottom bunk bed.

      Our ‚ÄúOlivia Bunk Bed with Slide‚ÄĚ is a best-selling bunk bed because of its sturdy structure and stylish look. We have made it safer for kids as we have made its top guard railing taller, the posts thicker, and the ladder and slide adjustable. You assemble the ladder and slide on whichever side will work better for your bedroom layout. This bunk can be separated in a few small steps to make two twin beds.¬†¬†The top guard rails can be used to make one of the twin beds a daybed, if desired.¬†¬†This is a great option to get more years of use out of the Olivia bunk bed with slide.¬†¬†Custom Kids Furniture sells replacement parts for all of our bunk beds, to extend the useful life of our products as a part of our environmentally friendly business practices.

      We also have a standard stacked twin over twin bunk bed design with a slide and ladder in a grey finish, our ‚ÄúKinsley Grey Wooden Bunk Bed‚ÄĚ.¬†¬†The twin-sized bunk bed is perfect for boys or girls between ages 6-16 years. Younger children can sleep on the bottom bunk bed, but per safety recommendations children younger than six years old shouldn‚Äôt sleep on the top bunk bed.¬†¬†Your kids will love to use and share this bunk bed with a slide.¬†

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      2.  Standard Stacked Twin over Full Bunk Bed with Slide

      If you are looking to sleep three or four children in one room, a twin over full bunk bed with a slide is a great choice.¬†¬†The bottom full size bed can sleep two children, and if you add on an optional trundle bed you can sleep one more child there.¬†¬†To keep in mind the needs of you and your kids, we have an addition to our bunk beds with slide collection, the ‚ÄúReese Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Slide‚ÄĚ.

      Our twin over full bunk bed with slide will fit in most bedrooms, and is perfect when your kids have cousins or friends staying at night or for your vacation home. This slide does take up some extra floor space, so it is important to measure your room and make sure the bunk bed will fit.

      The full-sized lower bunk is a great place for younger siblings, as it gives parents the room you need to curl up with your child to read a favorite story.

      3. L-Shaped Bunk Bed with Slide

      If you have enough space in your child‚Äôs room, an L-shaped bunk bed with slide might be a better choice. One benefit of our L-shaped bunk bed designs is that the top bed is a free-standing loft bed that can be used with no bottom bed. Our ‚ÄúHudson Full Loft Bunk Bed with Slide‚ÄĚ is a low full size loft bed with slide.¬†¬†We have a free-standing twin size bed that fits under the Hudson loft.

      If you are looking for a taller loft bed, our ‚ÄúHarper Kids Bunk Bed with Slide‚ÄĚ may fit the bill.¬†¬†The Harper bunk is a taller free-standing twin size loft bed.¬†¬†It comes with a built in bookshelf to provide neat storage space.¬†¬†Like the Hudson loft, our free-standing and matching white twin size bed will fit underneath.

      Another benefit of the L-Shaped style is that the loft beds free up floor space, which can provide more flexibility in designing your child’s bedroom.

      Our L-shaped bunk beds with a slide are designed to be safer and sturdy than other manufactured bunk beds on the market.  How?  We increased the height of the top guard rail and we use thicker posts. All of our bunk beds have been tested to meet ASTM and CPSC safety requirements for children's bunk beds.  

      Get The Best Slide Bunk Bed For Your Kids

      Bunk beds with a slide and swing are a great way to make bedtime fun for your kids! They'll love being able to climb up the ladder to the top bunk to zip down the slide and crawl into bed at the end of the day. And you'll love being able to save space in their bedroom by having a twin over full bunk bed with a slide instead of two separate beds. With storage, trundle bed, and lower guard rail add-ons, you are making not just a fun place for your children but also a practical space. So why not get a bed your kids will love today.