Custom Kids Furniture - Cause they deserve the best fit

In a perfect world you’d be going to any local shop and there you’ll see everything you’ve ever wanted- every item you need- fit to perfection!

However, when we built our home, 4 years ago, we discovered that there is no such thing as PERFECT. 

With two daughters to plan a nursery for- we were stuck.

We found so many beds and nursery furniture that “almost” fit.

The cute designs were too big, and the smaller designs just didn’t look all that appealing.

I found myself struggling to figure out how we could place all the furniture we wanted in a way that will still leave our girls with room to play in. And then I decided to just do it myself!

The two loft beds I designed for our girls had such flair to them, they looked just like what the girls wanted, and they had plenty of storage room embedded inside them.

A business was born.

Realizing we couldn’t possibly be the only 2 parents on earth struggling with finding custom kids furniture- me and my husband decided to start a business of our own- making custom furniture, designing smart beds that could easily make spaces reach their full potential.

It wasn’t easy to start this business. Not at all.

Making beds in small quantities, finding the right wood, figuring out how to balance home, kids, work and this new business.

My husband was working as a teacher at the time, to make sure we have enough income… And neither of us had business experience.

Fast forward 4 years…

When I decided to take on the position of a “stay at home mom” I thought that I’d have to forsake my education and former career path as an engineer. I was wrong.

Starting a small business to make custom beds for kids made me realize that we were not alone, that the struggles we faced are still alive and kicking in many other parents- who jumped on the opportunity to have a custom made bed for their kids.

More and more orders came in, and as the business started to grow- I realized we needed to make a leap of faith.

We found an amazing factory in Vietnam that can make the beds to our liking, using my designs.

And my husband took that leap of faith with me- and quit his teaching job all together.

With both of us working on this business and raising our girls full time- we are able to do so much more!

100+ designs are waiting just for you...And custom orders are always welcomed!  

With hundreds of designs currently available, we still get custom requests for parents who wish to combine several ideas together, create a custom color to fit into existing decor, or purchase a bed in very specific and unique sizes.

Our factory in Vietnam is using the highest quality materials and following our instructions to the T, while the custom orders we get are manufactured right here in the United States.

We truly hope that when browsing through our shop you’ll be able to find the next bed your child will enjoy sleeping in, that you’ll find that true fit, and that what we crafted will help you create a safe, loving, well designed and comfortable nursery.


Liz & Todd <3

Remember- shopping from a small business helps raise a family!

Shop custom, shop smart, shop with love!