Loft Beds for Kids

A loft bed is a fantastic solution for a kid's room with limited space. Loft beds are elevated to allow you to maximize space in small rooms, and most children's bedrooms are on the small side (with lots of toys, clothes, etc. to try and keep organized). There are many types of loft beds to choose from – standard lofts, L-shaped lofts, loft beds with a desk, loft beds with a slide, loft beds with stairs, lofts with futons, etc.  Custom Kids Furniture offers all of those types of loft beds and many more.

We specialize in fun, creative, and space-saving loft beds for children.  We offer many different solutions to help you organize your kid’s room.

 Looking to sleep several kids in one room?

Our selection of triple bunk beds has you covered.  We have triple bunk beds in many different configurations to fit your space.  We even have quadruple bunk beds with trundles and triple bunk beds with trundles to sleep up to five kids.  These beds are very popular with customers who own beach homes and other vacation properties.  Lots of our twin lofts have matching full size beds that fit underneath, and that’s also a good way to sleep three kids in one room.

Looking to make your child's room more fun?

Check out our selection of loft beds for kids with a slide.  These beds have a built-in slide which is awesome, of course, but they also free up lots of floor space for stuffed animals, toys, and storage.  Add an under-bed tent and you have the bed of mom and dad’s dreams.  Throw all the toys under the tent and the room looks tidy in one minute flat!

Want a space for your kid to do homework in their room? 

We have several loft beds for kids with built-in desks.  The desk is a great place to store electronics, homework, art supplies, and more.  Most of our loft beds with desks have extra storage drawers or dressers built-in too, as an extra bonus. 

Prefer stairs instead of a ladder? 

We have several loft beds that come with a staircase.  We can also custom build lofts in any height with a staircase.  We can build custom loft beds for kids with matching dressers to fit underneath and built-in desks, too.

Want a hangout space under the loft?

We have loft beds with futons underneath that are great for older kids or a doom room.  The futons recline into a full bed to provide a sleeping space for guests.

Want a loft for a younger child?

It’s important to note that US safety regulations recommend that a child should be at least six years old to sleep in a bunk bed or a loft bed.  We have several low loft designs that would be a good choice for a younger child.  These lofts are about 43 inches tall and several of them come with a slide, a desk or dressers and bookcases underneath.  Some parents feel more comfortable with their kid sleeping in a lower loft bed than a tall loft bed or top bunk.

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