Magnolia Network Playroom Reno featuring Beverley Mitchell!

Montessori House Bed Playroom Renovation featuring Beverley Mitchell!

We were so happy to be selected to participate in one of our favorite actresses playroom remodel! 

Beverley Mitchell, who portrayed Lucy Camden on the television series 7th Heaven, selected our Sophia House Toddler Floor Bed in White for her playroom renovation.  This fun episode is featured on "In With The Old" by the Magnolia Network, available for streaming on Discovery Plus.

See more photos on Beverley's Instagram!  Beverley said, "I couldn’t miss the opportunity to share this cozy space we created for the kids in the playroom! I absolutely love it! It’s perfect for curling up with a book and I may or may not rest my eyes here! The adorable bed is from @customkidsfurn."

We also had to share our favorite comment on the post  😍:
Our granddaughter has that bed and loves to decorate it with something different every week. I told my daughter she is just trying to figure out her interior design style.😅


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