What Your Toddler Wants (But You Don’t Know About It)

What do you do when once your toddler has started to climb out of the crib consistently?

What if the kid doesn’t want to go to bed? How do you motivate them?
How do you encourage creative play?

You have probably asked yourself at least one of those questions. There is a ton of information online but have you thought about asking science?

Well, we at Custom Kids Furniture, have and here’s what we found…

Toddler Floor Beds 🛏️ But why? 

Dr. Shalini Paruthi, a sleep scientist, says parents often ask him what to do once the baby starts climbing out of the crib consistently.

His answer is very simple. In order to protect your toddler, just give them less distance to fall. The design of toddler floor beds is the perfect solution. (Source:

Interesting, isn’t it?

We also noticed a lot of parents complaining it’s difficult to motivate their kid to go sleep. They just can’t get them go to bed… so we decided to look for some hacks.

What did scientists say this time?
Well, sorry to disappoint you but the answer was the same – toddler floor beds. As you may know, some toddler beds come with decorations or themes. This helps kids who need motivation to go to bed at night.

Dr Paruthi says: “It can be more inviting to go to sleep if they have a Barbie-themed or a Cars-themed bed."

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